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“Mateo Moreno shines... (his) physical prowess commands attention.” ~ Rudy Gerson, TheaterPizazz

"Moreno does a harrowing, heartbreaking job of incarnating the broken.” ~ Adam McGovern, HiLoBrow

"(Playwright) Moreno...has skillfully constructed the classic love story and then added his own unique twist by deconstructing it... What works best in Bohemian Valentine is the chemistry between Moreno and Tomcho..." ~ Stage Buddy

"Terrific comic haplessness..." ~ Drama Queens Reviews

"Brilliantly written..." (on "Bohemian Valentine") ~ Fringe Review UK


"​A play like this required a clever twist at the end and Moreno delivered there too. His play salted darker tales with ample humor – satire and gallows – to make us laugh and then think."(on "Broken Pieces")  ~ Art-View


"From poignant/personal to bizarre/astonishing these stories'll take you on a thought-provoking journey." (on "Broken Pieces") ~ Producer Jazmyn Arroyo

"FOUR STARS!" (for "Broken Pieces") ~ Opplaud New York


“Moreno is a statuesque presence, a rubber man bending into any position that serves the character’s physicality with intense commitment.” ~ Ny Theatre Guide




Mateo Moreno


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